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EKJ Entertainment is a digital media management company that provides cutting-edge development, branding, marketing, distribution, audience building, and revenue generation services for modern artists. We provide an effective alternative to the conventional approaches to success in the music industry. EKJ Entertainment’s exclusive distribution channels and private international network of power players in the music and marketing industries is what positions us to help artists in unique ways.

In order to empower new artists, EKJ Entertainment focuses on the 3 things that are most important for the success of any artist which are audience building, digital distribution, and monetization. We know that a condition for success must be established before any measure of success can be achieved. This is what we do for new artists. Download our free mobile app to chat with us and learn more.

Audience Building


Utilize the latest technologies to build a fan base that "big tech" can't control. Establish relationships with your fans in new ways. 

Digital Distribution


Our exclusive distribution channels and marketing team enable you to showcase your talent to the world with mainstream restrictions.



Entertainment industry pimps and slave masters no longer run the game. Now, you do. Discover new ways to earn what you are worth. 

Do It Big Without Big Tech.

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