Suave Churchill, CEO

Suave Churchill, CEO of EKJ Entertainment LLC, owner and founder of the award-winning luxury clothing company VP Churchill Fashion & Apparel. Former president at Rick Ross Music Group, former head of promotions over at Funkcave Records and former VP at Deep In The Game Records. He has built a very distinguished resume. While having worked with major recording artists such as Snoop Dogg, Bad Azz, Dogg Pound and Dr. Dre during his days in the promotion department at Priority Records. Suave has developed a keen understanding of the entertainment industry by understanding the importance of longevity and business.

Suave has also joined the executive team of Platinum City Entertainments President and CEO Terry and Lawson Carney with bringing together some of the best talent to create a dynamic sound for The World Epidemic documentary, which is based on gun violence in Los Angeles/America. 30 years Suave has served in the entertainment industry after a brief hiatus to kick start the family apparel line, but he’s back full throttle working with his childhood partner Jerry Long aka Kokane The Most Featured Artist In The World, Spice 1, Yuckmouth, Kurupt, Chill of Compton Most Wanted, Justified, Chilly Chill of the Lench Mob, and Compton Reg.  Suave loves working with legends in the game, and he feels that with the new generation of artists such as the rising young stars of Mifly. These vets can take them under their wings and guide them to where they have already been. 

Suave is also on the board of The World Rebirth Foundation a non-profit organization that deals with the inner-city youth helping them build self-esteem to go out in the real world and develop businesses, entrepreneurship self-alliance and things that are not taught in our inner-city class rooms. Being raised by Freeway Ricky Ross, Suave has learned the definition of Hustle and to work until it is complete, it’s all about motivation, hard work and dedication.  Suave looks to leave his blue print to everyone that has a vision of becoming determined by those Nipsey Hussle standards.

Kenneth Hall, CFO

Ken is a very successful serial entrepreneur with the ability to analyze a business and develop visionary ideas to ensure the businesses success. Ken is best known for formulating innovative business growth strategies and deliver them to marketplace. In addition, Ken has a background of business development and marketplace knowledge. Ken is experienced with all aspects of operations including sales, marketing, project management, organizational process development, and infrastructure development, all aimed toward driving increased revenues for higher profitability.

Mr. Hall is very competitive both in sports and business, and he will compete for you.

Kenneth Hall is a nationally recognized expert with over 30 years of experience in many different fields. Ken holds a Master’s of Science in Exercise Science from La Salle University and a BS in psychology from UCLA. Ken also has multiple certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and is a college professor and presenter for the American College of Sports Medicine, teaching Personal Training Fundamentals and health nutrition to undergraduate students.

Becoming a CEO, Ken accomplished goals to build, consult and manage. Working with numerous corporations in various fields of industry. His experience of business ownership and consulting ranges from; Mortgage, Real Estate, Professional Services, Construction, and Social Media.