0:00 Old dude still getting off!
0:06 If we lived in the Anime world.
0:13 Ash says he “cares” for his Pokémon.
0:19 When your friend had you on speaker in front of their parents and you know you can never go to their house again.
0:26 Cheetos commercial (IB: jackalope )
0:32 Thank you all for 30k !!!!! I luh awll yawl!!!!✊🏾. (Thank JAY VERSACE for this song tho )
0:39 5’12
0:45 Stubbing your toe in an Anime
0:52 Darth Vader in College
0:58 How the voice selections sound in the character creation part of RPG games.
1:05 When you get your soul punched out.
1:11 That teacher that call on you no matter what. (IB:meechonmars )
1:17 If drug dealers were in Disney movies.
1:24 How does Link buy things in Legend of Zelda?#tb
1:30 That one random guy that doesn’t know he’s talking to the main character of the anime.
1:37 If 2 Chainz went to therapy (IB:Sneed )
1:43 Writing an essay thats due tomorrow.
1:48 When a villain in an Anime is finally getting beat, but then gets a random power boost out of nowhere.
1:54 When nintendo lets their homies produce the video game music. (#tb !!!!!)
2:00 When the water from your shower is so hot that it inspires you to make a fire song🔥
2:07 When you went through a door in a video game, but you forgot something.
2:13 🌽🌽🌽🌽
2:20 If people ran like Scooby Doo in real life.
2:26 When you’re in a scary movie, but you’re stupid.
2:33 When your teacher used to be a rapper.
2:38 Turning in a 10 page essay, that you started on the day of the due date, at 11:59:59 after 2 whole days of studying.
2:45 Vine created on December 20, 2015
2:51 When you want to prove your bars = 🔥
2:58 When your game is too easy
3:04 w/Kenny Knox
3:10 When you promised you’d clean up, but #Crunchyroll exist. (Get 30 days unlimited ad-free anime FOR FREE, use
3:17 When you show your friend your new favorite song and they’re feelin it.
3:22 When you say something stupid in public and don’t want anyone to find out.
3:29 When you don’t care about the story in a video game so you skip all the dialogue.
3:35 When your friend put too much thought and time into his answering machine.
3:42 Pokémon logic
3:48 When the girl you want just broke up with her man.
3:55 A Magician shamelessly self promoting.
4:01 You hear everything when you know you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be.
4:08 When the guy, that your girl is cheating on you with, is cooler than you thought.
4:14 *Plays 2 for flinching*, *Takes it too far*
4:21 When your homie knows his breath stank, but he don’t care.(#remake of Larry the Viner Guy )
4:27 If instruments were voices and voices were instruments.
4:33 Playing Tic-Tac-Toe with Drake.
4:36 When you type “ahhh im DEAD” but you really mean you’re dead inside…
4:42 Vine created on February 08, 2016
4:48 When you’re reading subtitles, but they make it as hard to read as possible.
4:55 If Apple started making cars.
5:01 That guy
5:06 Vine created on February 23, 2016
5:11 Vine created on February 26, 2016
5:18 When your friend changes one of your note cards for your class presentation.
5:24 The people that was sleep on Beetoven cus he was deaf.
5:31 Nervous Robber (IB: HAMPTON & Kenny Knox )
5:37 #SpiderManAuditions (IB:ZigZagger,Chill Out )
5:43 If Link, from Zelda, had parents.
5:49 If Sonic got into a fist fight.
5:54 When you try to sneak soda in water cup at a fast food restaurant, but they know what you up too. w/Dope Island
5:58 When your new roommate is a 2K “MyPlayer”.
6:02 Rapper whose mom has to approve of every song they make.
6:08 HEADLINES: Cereal company holds leprechaun against will to do their commercials.
6:14 Guy that learned how to store items like they do in video games.
6:21 If the Declaration of Independence had a comment section.
6:27 People that only talk about themselves.
6:33 🌽🌽🌽
6:39 What happens if you didn’t find everything okay at the grocery store?
6:46 When you get crossed up so bad that the shadow clone you had doing your homework disappears.
6:53 When your ex upgrades… a lot.
6:59 Do I want cheese on my cheeseburger?
7:06 Math can save your life one day you never know.
7:12 A joke at the bank goes terribly wrong.
7:19 The person at Best Buy told his dad that Windows was better than Apple.
7:25 *Gets tired of interviewers asking that question*
7:32 Those commercials where the speaker ignores the people in need to tell you about their services.
7:38 That one friend that discovers songs super late.
7:45 Those animes where they say the villain’s fighting stance “has no openings” no matter how stupid they look.
7:51 When all of your friends went to the same choir class as you in middle school. #Throwback
7:57 Link realizes he still doesn’t know how to talk during his own wedding.
8:03 Vine created on June 20, 2016
8:10 The first person to blink was probably terrified.
8:16 The pizza is here (IB:Kenny Knox )
8:23 When someone catches you looking stupid while tryna do some anime type sh*t.
8:29 Video games when you get you…

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