A Few Of The Top Name Rappers In The IE (Inland Empire) California Linked Up To Make History!

On The First Verse is Gudda Mack From Moreno Valley. Gudda with his gritty sound and grimey approach to the game has been going hard and putting on for the Murda (Moreno Valley). Hitting Amillion views on YouTube recently with rising Compton California rapper Teeezy Day1k with there song No Cutz. Him and Teeezy Day1k make up of one of the most dominating duos on the west coast today!

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On the second verse sliding in the SS Monte Carlo Is Blue Raggs. Blue Raggs is the face of Riverside California coming out of prison in 2018 and going hard ever since. He has a very distinct sound and is very versatile having songs that many people can relate too he is ahead of his time bringing these IE(inland empire) artists together for this song and sparking the IE wave! With songs with Pacman Da Gunman, Spiffie Luciano, ComptonAssTG, And more. keep a look out for him and his ShootFirst merch!

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CashBoiTaxx on the third verse is one of the premier rappers from Moreno Valley California (The Murda). He has a very strong catalogue of music with a number of mixtapes he has been very consistent. With his disrespectful flow and very catchy story telling he is a rising talent to keep and eye out for. It’s safe to say the state fucked up when they let him out of Folsom!

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LA Duce taps in on the 4th verse with his distinct voice and aggressive sound. LA Duce is a well know San Bernardino rapper with a notch of bangers under his belt. He has been holding the Dino down for a number of years and been applying pressure through out the west coast. He has a hit song with Slim400 going crazy in the streets right now.

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$ilent has been a big figure in Riverside California for years on end with his big clothing line Boomin Season. He has been laying the blue print for those to come after him. With his west coast flow he been releasing many songs and projects that have been circulating heavy around the whole IE (inland empire). Stay on the look out for him many people calling him the Nip of Riverside.

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This Video Was Filmed By TP Visions

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