We see a world where the artist supported and enabled to pursue the creation of great music, and organically find connection with their audience.


To secure the means, spaces, and resources needed for the development of tomorrow’s artists and their original expression.


Our record label was constructed in January 2020 with the perfection of talented seasoned businessmen ranging from 20 years as a finance and business management professional to working and gaining experience of 30  yrs as well. Having a financial background is always a plus along with a masters degree. Kenneth Hall out of Compton, CA envisioned the structure, then put together a business plan to make this new music digital world explode! Shortly after, he called on his high school partner, Suave Churchill who has the label experience to take on the CEO role.


Our label exists to make artist known around the globe, create original content and unique creations. Our label manages the development of songs, production of music, manufacturing of merchandise, creative marketing, and distribution of the products we create.


Our goal is to operate with a high standard of excellence in business organization and effectively manage music licensing and copyright processes, song promotions, royalty collection, and key partnerships around the world.



We desire to create things that bring people to new places, and spark new creative thought.


Though we are an organization, we value a sense of family rather than aspire to a cold corporate reality.


We value an idea that what we work from and what we produce is not ordinary, but above standard.


We believe that great results are not derived from statistics but are the results of refining the already existing DNA found within the artist.


We practice a culture of honesty, trust and open communication.